At J.J. Fitzgerald & Co. Solicitors we are highly experienced in providing comprehensive advice on all aspects related to making a will.

Making a will is important if an individual wants to ensure that his or her estate devolves in accordance with the person’s wishes. If someone dies without making a Will their property will be distributed in accordance with the intestacy provisions of the Succession Act, 1965. That distribution may not be what people would have wished or expect and could result in some cases unnecessary Inheritance Tax may have to be paid by your next of kin.

We deal with all aspects of the Administration of a deceased’s estate from preparing and filing the Inland Revenue Affidavit and all the papers necessary to obtain a Grant of Representation, dealing with all taxes arising both pre and post death, through to the final distribution/vesting the assets of the estate in the beneficiaries and the preparation of estate accounts.

In addition, we can offer independent legal advice to beneficiaries and/or the surviving legal spouse/civil partner/co-habitant who are unsure of their legal position.

As part of our service we offer the following:

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